Can Mindfulness Meditation Work For Addiction And Help You?

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Mindfulness meditation is simply a way to focus on where you are right now and allow thoughts that can cause you distress or lead to emotional upset. Many people who suffer from excessive anxious thoughts gain great benefits from mindfulness meditation. Can mindfulness meditation work for addiction and help you? One of the most critical things you must do when starting a mindful meditation practice is to keep your expectations gentle. Meditation is a bit like fishing; it doesn’t always yield the results you’re going for. Fishing doesn’t always mean catching. Meditating doesn’t always mean enlightenment, but it can really help on days when you’re struggling to cope.

Meditation for Beginners

To start out on your meditation journey, dress comfortably. Sit in a comfortable chair or sit comfortably on the floor. Set a timer for just ten minutes to start. Create a visual focus point, such as a lit candle or a small mirror lying flat, reflecting natural light if at all possible. Looking at something that generates a gentle or natural light can help to calm your brain. Start the timer and focus your gaze on your light source. Simply focus on breathing.

Thoughts will immediately appear in your head. Recognize them as a thought, but don’t engage. Some thoughts may be scary, others may make you angry or frustrated. Gently guide your mind back to the light source. Treat your brain like it’s a curious toddler. If you were out walking with a small child and they really wanted to study a flower, a butterfly or a bug on the sidewalk, you would guide them gently back on the walk, rather than grabbing them and dragging them along. Be kind to your mind as you meditate.


Because meditation is often tied to religious practice, the concept of a mantra can make some folks uncomfortable. However, a mantra is just a phrase or a word that calms you and helps you focus. If you are a survivor of abuse, your mantra maybe “I am safe.” If your personal history includes verbal or emotional abuse, a mantra of “I am loving and worthy of loving.” Keep your mantras simple. As you meditate, you will actually start to develop tracks or grooves in the brain with your mantra. A mantra that you can rely on to help you feel centered, secure and confident can be incredibly calming and soothing. In fact, your mantra may show up at stressful points in your day away from your meditation practice. The ability to take a deep breath and wrap your mind around the words “I am safe” can go a long way to reducing stress throughout the day.

Physical and Mental Benefits

Addictive substances are hard on the body and brain. The toxins that have built up in your tissues will take time to clear. As you meditate, you can

  • reduce your stress
  • lower your pulse rate
  • increase your resistance to disease
  • get better quality sleep

Getting in a regular habit of meditating can not only prepare you for bed, but it can refresh you when you don’t have time for a nap. One of the best things about starting a meditation practice is that you now have a portable, private space that will be available wherever you are. Once your meditation practice is a habit, your brain can easily go into that mindful place.

The toxins that need to be shed during detox and treatment can be physical, mental and emotional. One of the greatest benefits of meditating throughout treatment is that you will have access to counselors who can help you manage memories and feelings that may crop up as your brain and spirit come back online. Meditation is a portable mental detox that will come with you after you leave treatment. Addiction is an illness that limits your scope.

When you’re using, your ability to break from unhealthy choices and make better ones is not functioning effectively. Meditation is a wonderful way to create a space between the experience of an event and your reaction. In meditating, we learn to acknowledge our thoughts without immediately responding to them. It can be a helpful part of your detox and treatment. Ready to get started? Call us today at 833-285-1315.

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