How do I Choose the Right Sober Living Home?

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The next step is finding a sober living home when you leave rehab or an inpatient drug and alcohol treatment center. But with so many kinds of sober living homes, how do you know which is right for you? Moving to a new city for rehab or work will narrow down your options for choosing a sober living home. There are two main types of sober living homes: private and public. Additionally, there are differences between standalone houses and house-based options.

Finding a sober living home can be overwhelming despite all these options available. Before making this decision, there are many things to consider: their financial stability, willingness to help you in your recovery, whether you feel safe there and if their values align with yours. The following guide will give you everything you need to know when choosing the right sober living home.

1. Consider The Location Of The Transitional Living Home

A sober living home will help you transition into your new life, but it’s important to consider the home’s location. If you’re moving to a city that is not your hometown, finding a sober home close enough to where you’ll be living might not be easy. When searching for a sober living home in your area, look for one near public transportation, parks and restaurants.

2. Choose A Home That Allows For A Flexible Length Of Stay

Before you decide which sober living home is right for you, it’s important to learn about their length of stay. The length of stay is the amount of time you plan on staying at a sober living home. The stay can range from 3 months to a year or longer. It would be best if you chose a home that allows for a flexible length of stay so that you can adjust it as needed and as your life changes.

3. Visit The Sober Living Home

After you have chosen the sober living home, you will want to visit them before signing a lease. It is important to go ahead and visit one of the sober living homes before signing up for anything. If you don’t get a good vibe from home, then it’s best to move on. The best way to do this is by making arrangements with friends or family who have been through this process before or asking a friend or family member to show you around a few different sober living homes.

4. Review The Rules For Residents

You must sign a contract when you first arrive in your sober living home. This contract will outline the rules that you must follow while living there. Some rules are fairly standard, such as no alcohol or drugs and no stealing. Other rules may be more specific to your new sober living home, like house rules or community guidelines. Always read through the rules before moving into your new sober living home to know what to expect and what is expected of you.

5. Learn Everything You Can About The Staff

When you are in the process of choosing a sober living home, it is important to learn as much as you can about the staff. This includes names, email addresses and phone numbers. You will also want to know their qualifications and how long they have worked at the sober living home. Do they have any experience with people who have been through addiction? What kind of training do they receive? What is their involvement in ensuring that the residents stay safe and that they are receiving quality care?

6. Familiarize Yourself With The Financial Requirements

The first thing you’ll want to do when choosing a sober living home is familiarizing yourself with their financial requirements. What is the cost? How do you pay for it? What are the monthly fees, and what do they cover? Make sure you understand the financial requirements before signing any documents.

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