How Do I Find a Sponsor When I Leave Treatment?

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Finding a sponsor is the most important step to overcoming addiction. Most addicts believe that if they can just get sober, everything will work out on its own. This is a destructive belief that has kept many from staying clean and sober for their entire lives. The truth of the matter is that without an external force to help you maintain sobriety, you will have no chance of living an addiction-free life. That’s why finding a sponsor when leaving treatment is so crucial. In this post, we will share five of the best ways to find a sponsor when leaving treatment.

Ways to Find a Sponsor After Leaving Treatment

Ask Your Current Sponsor

If you know someone who is already sober and has worked the 12 steps, they will be the best person to recommend a sponsor. If they are working with a specific program or fellowship, they can most likely point you in the direction of someone that’s worked with them. If they say they don’t have anyone they can recommend, ask them if they can at least refer you to a meeting. They may not be clear on what meetings are like and should be able to direct you in the right direction.

Attend a Local Meeting

The best way to find a sponsor is to attend meetings. Most programs will have the majority of their members attending meetings at least once a week. At a meeting, you will be able to meet many people that are in your situation or have been where you are. They will be more than willing to help out and act as sponsors. This can be a bit intimidating, but it’s definitely worth the effort. Once you have attended meetings for a few weeks, start to notice the other members in attendance. These people are probably the type of people that you would want to be your sponsor.

Ask Your Workplace

One of the best ways to find a sponsor is at work. It’s normal for employers to set aside time when they have employees that are going through rehab. They will not only be able to help you, but they can also help other people in recovery that are going through the same thing. Many addicts will drive past the meetings and won’t even realize that there is nothing available. Once you are in recovery and have been sober for a while, finding a sponsor will be much easier.

Join a Local Support Group

Finding a sponsor is much easier when it comes to a support group. Support groups are made up of many people that have successfully stayed clean and sober for years. They know how serious addiction can be and want to help anyone who can use their services. You will be able to meet with the other members regularly depending on their schedules. Many of them will try to attend meetings at least once a week, so they are able to help others in need. If you are unable to find a sponsor through support groups, ask them who you should talk to.

Look Online

One of the most popular ways to find a sponsor is online. There are many forums and websites that can help you find someone in your area, but the best place is your local treatment center. Many treatment centers have their own Facebook page that you can use to connect with other people in recovery. Online forums are also a great way to meet people that can help you with your recovery. Just remember that you will have to be careful with who you talk to online. Always meet new people in person and keep your information private.

Talk with a Fellow Addict

If you are still struggling to find a sponsor, consider reaching out to a fellow addict. These people know how difficult the recovery process can be and will help you along the way. Many of them will understand what you are going through and can offer their personal experiences as guidance. After you have been in recovery for a while, it becomes much easier to find a sponsor. You will undoubtedly know someone in your life that can help you stay sober and lead a happier life. Never stop looking for help, and you will be able to live sober without any trouble.

In conclusion, once you are finished with treatment, a sponsor is an extremely important part of the recovery process. Some addicts think that this is something to take lightly, but without a sponsor, your chances of staying clean are slim to none. If you want help finding a sponsor in your area, contact us today at 833-285-1315.

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