How is life in a halfway house?

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Recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is a long process. Many people would even say it is a process that doesn’t end, no matter how long you have attended rehab. You’re always on a road to self-discovery and finding your new place in life after you’ve dealt with substance abuse. If you have been in a rehab facility and gone through a medical detox program, you’re probably wondering what your next step is. Should you go home or should you stay in a halfway house?

For many people, the very thought of having to go back home and back into the life they knew before rehab is completely overwhelming. You will be faced with triggers, unresolved emotions, and tons of reminders about why you used them in the first place. These issues can severely threaten your sobriety and hope for a peaceful life. If this is the case, a halfway house should be your next step. You’ll have the chance to gradually learn how to manage the world sober and drug-free.

How is life in a halfway house? What can you expect while you are there? Knowing what goes on in one often makes a huge difference when you are about to become a residence for a few months or more. Let’s read on to learn what to expect when you get a room in a halfway home.

Halfway Homes- What Are They?

A halfway house is often known as a sober living home. This is a transitional facility for addicts who are still in the recovery process from drugs and alcohol. Many halfway homes are used as a bridge between rehab and regular home life. If you are sober but not ready to go back to your normal life, a halfway house will help you stay on the straight and narrow path you have been fighting for all this time. The length of time you will spend in a halfway house will vary according to your situation. For some, three to twelve months is typically enough time to find a secure job while getting back on their feet. How long you stay in one will depend on your own needs and commitment to sobriety.

Life in a Halfway Home

If you get a room in a halfway home, you will be staying with others who are in the later stages of sobriety. Many will have come from a medical detox program or a stay in an inpatient facility. Everyone is expected to maintain their sobriety while they are a resident of a halfway home. This means you can expect to undergo drug tests and breathalyzers while you are a resident.

A halfway home may not be as strict as a rehab treatment program, but you will still be expected to follow the rules and regulations while you are living there. Residents will be permitted to go to work, school, and social functions. Participation in 12-step meetings and counseling sessions will also be required. You’ll be asked to help maintain a clean living environment while you are a resident. This means taking on chores and responsibilities throughout the home, often on a rotating basis.

The Rules of a Halfway Home

Halfway homes generally operate using the same set of rules. This includes the following:

• Stealing, fighting, and violence is prohibited
• Curfew guidelines will be enforced every day
• Everyone must maintain their rooms and contribute to the upkeep of the house
• Ongoing sobriety is expected 100% of the time
• Destruction of the property is prohibited
• Everyone is held accountable for work or school
• House meetings and counseling is mandatory
• Relationships with other residents are usually frowned upon

It’s important to remember that you will be living with others who are dealing with sobriety in their own way. Staying civil and friendly towards everyone will help make your stay easier and more fulfilling. You’ll all take part in group therapy sessions together while you are a resident, so use this time to get to know the other members of your household. If you don’t have a job when you leave rehab, this is the time to find one. You will be expected to be a responsible adult during your stay, so finding work will be one of the first obstacles you will face.

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