How Long Do 12-Step Programs Take?

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The 12-step program has helped addicts eliminate their addiction. Ideally, Bill Wilson created these steps to institute a guide for overcoming drug addiction. In its early years, this program was a success for other support groups to accommodate the steps. Some people complete the 12-step program in a month or two. Others spend years trying to get through all the steps. Additionally, some patients repeat the steps throughout their journey, accompanied by their sponsors.

Generally, the patient must work with a sponsor when participating in this program. The sponsor will assist in getting and staying sober through the 12-step program. In addition, they will encourage individuals to attend required meetings. The amount of time an individual can spend in the program will depend on several factors;

  • The health status of an individual
  • The support system of the addict
  • The intensity of addiction

These factors are crucial in identifying the time spent in the 12-step program. Furthermore, it is about what will work for the addict and not what worked for someone else.

Attending ninety meetings in ninety days.

Most 12-step programs, especially those for people addicted to drugs, encourage newcomers to stick to the 90 meetings in 90 days rule. It would be best if the patient had something to commit to helping them focus as they strive for sobriety. More so during the most challenging time of their recovery process. The program is structured so that it is repetitive to strengthen the process. To remain focused, some people will continue participating in the meetings even after concluding the 12-steps. The action to recovery is informative and unique to everybody.

Getting through the steps is mainly about what works for an individual. You may skip or backtrack the steps since there is no specific order to follow. For an addict to fully recover, there is no specific timeline.

The 12-step program is different for every individual.

Generally, there is no specific time for patients to complete the 12-step process, aside from the initial period for attending meetings. There is one step that involves reconciling with people patients may have hurt as a result of the addiction. For some, it might take days, while for others, it might take years. Despite the steps set through the recovery process, overcoming addiction is up to you. You have to take it upon yourself to choose change. However, the first 30 days of recovery are a commanding period. The same way addiction and recovery processes can vary, it’s the same way the timeframe spent on one step to another tends to differ. Most individuals work through the 12-step process as part of their recovery from addiction despite the years they have been sober.

Recovery is a lifelong activity, and there is no right or wrong way to tackle the 12-steps. Individuals must find out what works for them. By doing so, addicts can find it easy to push through the recovery process. You must focus on changing your life and correcting where you did wrong with those around you. However, this might take longer in some areas than in others. What matters the most is the commitment you are making toward your sobriety. Further, while undergoing this process, an individual will realize that by being addicted, they have become different people. They will have to undergo these steps to restore themselves. The steps are all about recovery and transitioning into becoming better people.

Staying sober

The 12-steps can assist an addict in getting sober. However, the most important thing is staying sober from addiction for the long haul. Especially when experiencing triggers and facing temptations, staying sober might be challenging. In this case, one’s sponsor can help confirm that you are on the right track to sobriety. Staying sober does not only mean not being dependent on drugs. Generally, you will be transitioning your lifestyle to a healthier one.

Learning new coping mechanisms is important, especially for challenges that may come up during the transitioning period. Going to meetings is one thing that can help. Additionally, taking your time and being intentional while completing the 12-steps is recommended.

Are you contemplating when to start the 12-step program? Once you are willing to change, it would be a good idea to begin. By this time, it will be clear that you need to try something new. A 12-step program is a peer-based interactional program. For most addicts, the program is efficient and can transform their lives when followed consistently. Ready to get started? Call us today at 833-285-1315!

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