How To Get My Child’s Dad To Go To Rehab

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If the father of you child is struggling with a substance abuse issue, you may be wondering how you can get that man to go to rehab. You want the father of your child to be around as a positive influence for your child. Your child deserves a good life where they are not around addiction and substance abuse. When you try to get the father of your child to go to rehab you will need to keep a few things in mind.

One thing that you need to keep in mind when making your plan to suggest rehab is whether you are still in a relationship with the father of your child or not. You should also consider the age of the child. If you are still in a relationship, you need to be prepared to maintain a long distance relationship while your partner is in rehab, while still maintaining the household at the same time. This is doable, but it can be challenging.

Be Patient and Kind, But Firm

When trying to get the father of your child to go to rehab, you will need to be patient and kind, even if it is difficult. In general, addicts react extremely poorly to being screamed at or belittled. This is not the time for cursing, screaming, or name calling. Listen to his concerns patiently and remind him that you are coming from a place of care and respect.

Hold your ground firmly and set your boundaries clearly. Do not allow your child’s father to emotionally manipulate you into thinking that you are a bad person. Wanting someone to go to rehab for their substance abuse problem is wanting what is best for them. In this particular case, it is also what is best for your family.

Be A Good Example and Make Good Suggestions

It is important to be a good example if you are asking another person to go to rehab. Make sure that you are sober and clean too. If you have a substance abuse problem too, you should address that fully before asking anyone else to do the same. Otherwise, you risk becoming a hypocrite. Your child deserves to have two clean and sober parents, not just one.

Be specific and prepared when you begin the conversation. You may want to suggest particular rehab or sober living facilities that you think will help your child’s father best. Find facilities that are affordable and close to your area. You will also need to be prepared to accept extra childcare duties while your child’s other parent is away at rehab. Do not use this time to make them feel guilty about this.

Remind Him Exactly What Is at Stake

If you are imploring your child’s father to go to rehab, remind yourself exactly why you are doing so. You are doing this for your child so that he or she can have a good life and a good future. Your child is innocent in the situation and deserves to have two clean and sober parents, whether they are in a relationship with one another or not. Remind your child’s father how much love your son or daughter has for him. You may want to use fond photos and memories to do this.

You will also want to remind your child’s father what is at stake if he does not get clean and sober. Child protective services often becomes involved when they find out that drugs are being abused in a home that a child lives in. They will drug test you and take away custody if you are using drugs. Remind your child’s father that he risks losing the legal right to see his child without supervision, or even at all, if he continues using substances.

If you are encouraging someone to go to rehab in a firm but helpful way, then you are doing a helpful thing. Getting up the bravery to tell someone that you think they need to go to rehab can be difficult but when a child is involved, it’s only right. Do the right thing to preserve your family’s future and reach out. Our counselors are available 24 hours a day. Call 833-285-1315.

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