Is Addiction a Disease?

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It’s a question that we ask ourselves every day: is addiction a disease? Some people think addiction is simply an extreme hormone-driven impulse and should not be classified as a disease. Others think it’s more than just how your body chemistry works. Regardless, many people struggle with addiction to one degree or another and seek relief from their condition. Numerous experts agree that appropriate treatment and rehabilitative interventions can help ease most alcohol and drug dependence withdrawal symptoms.

What is Addiction?

Physicians diagnose this condition as “a chronic and relapsing brain disease that causes compulsive drug seeking and use, despite harmful consequences to the individual who’s addicted, their family, and society.” A person gets diagnosed with addiction when they continue to abuse alcohol or drugs despite knowing that the substances are causing severe problems. Addiction is not a fault of character or a desire for pleasure.

A neurobiological change has occurred in the brain, and a person cannot control their actions despite knowing that substance abuse will cause them harm. However, it’s essential to understand that addiction is a treatable disease, and it is possible to regain control of your life. The key to recovery is finding a suitable rehab program or center (A Sober Living Home in Ohio) that understands the nature of your disease and all the factors impacting your addiction.

Addiction Can Be Treated Successfully

Many individuals, loved ones, and patients are struggling with the disease of addiction. The subject is a difficult one, but there is help to find. Addiction can be treated successfully and in a way that respects the individual’s dignity while they struggle to heal from this disease.

Signs and Warnings

To know if you are addicted, you must look at the habits and see if those habits increase or decrease. If you notice that your behavior changes drastically, it is a good idea to get into treatment as soon as possible. There are many signs that you are addicted, and these signs get used to help decide on getting help. The first and most obvious sign that you are addicted to drugs or alcohol is your behavior significantly changes when using drugs or alcohol.

Signs of Addiction

1. You have a tolerance for using the drug very quickly.

2. Start making excuses as to why you cannot stop what you are doing or using.

3. Begin to hide your addiction from family members and friends.

4. You begin to argue with others and get easily irritated or angered by addiction.

5. Begin stealing money or items to get money for more drugs or alcohol.

Getting Help

When struggling with addiction, you can consider visiting A Sober Living Home center in Ohio, which has proven to be the best in addiction recovery. In the rehab center, you will also find hope that it’s possible to overcome this disease and create healthy relationships that promote living a fulfilling life. There are many ways you can stop using alcohol or drugs that are causing you problems, but an effective treatment program usually includes a combination of therapies.

Treatment for addiction includes psychotherapy that may consist of cognitive behavioral therapy, emotional freedom techniques, visualization techniques, and other methods to help you learn how to cope with the stress, anxiety, and depression that often lead to drug use in the first place. The most effective treatment programs also focus on helping you develop life skills to continue to grow after the program.

Dependency is a chronic condition that requires ongoing counseling, love, and family and friends’ support. Parents and friends need to support and love their addicted loved ones since getting them the help they need is appropriate. It can be a challenging process for the person who is in treatment. In a nutshell, recovery from addiction is a process that can get achieved.

Addiction treatment can overcome addictions to drugs, alcohol, and other substances. Recovery takes a lot of work and commitment on the individual’s behalf, but with ongoing therapy and support networks, recovery is possible. For efficient addiction recovery, you can get in touch today with ‘A Sober Living Home’ right away for excellent psychotherapy interventions that lead to long-term sobriety and a healthy lifestyle. Call us today at 833-285-1315!

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