What are My Chances of Staying Sober After Treatment?

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After undergoing addiction treatment, you may fear suffering a relapse due to the change in environment, cessation of treatment or the people surrounding you. However, your chances of staying sober after treatment may be high considering various things were brought to your awareness concerning your addiction during the treatment. You increase your chances of staying sober after treatment by taking various necessary steps and actions as discussed below.

Healthy Living Environment

Among the things brought to attention concerning your addiction is your environment. In this context, your previous direct environment may have had predisposing factors that contributed to your addiction, such as drug availability, demographic location, and stressful events.

However, during addiction treatment, you can realize that the change in environment resulted in your behavior change. Therefore, your chances of staying sober can improve by understanding the need to find a healthy living environment.

Coping Skills and Motivation

Various coping skills are taught to drug addicts during treatment, such as stress, anxiety and anger management strategies. You can effectively deal with any stressors, anxiety attacks or anger issues that previously resulted in your drug use using these strategies. Some coping skills that help increase your chances of staying sober after treatment include:

  • Being honest to yourself and others
  • Meditation and mindfulness
  • Avoiding triggers of drug use

Throughout the addiction treatment process, you come across sober peers/mentors, sober coaches or companions that constantly motivate you to push through with the treatment process. Such individuals maintain contact with patients even after treatment to follow up on their recovery process. Through constant motivation to adopt a healthy lifestyle and habits, your chances of staying sober after treatment increases.

Support System

A support system includes family members, healthcare professionals and sober companions you come across during the addiction treatment. A good support system increases your chances of remaining sober, as such individuals help you live a good and productive life.

A support system also helps you find ideal lifestyle alternatives, such as a job career, business venture or anything that might help you engage in valuable activities. You can avoid having or entertaining thoughts about engaging in alcohol or drug use again by engaging in such constructive activities.

Self-help Groups

Self-help groups such as sober living homes have programs, including Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous to help individuals remain sober after addiction treatment. By enrolling in such groups, you increase your chances of staying sober, as they help individuals navigate their way around recovery from addiction.

Such groups help individuals set healthy boundaries in life that prevent the chances of suffering a relapse. Healthy boundaries include avoiding various social events such as parties and concerts where you may be predisposed to using drugs again. Therefore, these groups help increase your chances of remaining sober after undergoing addiction treatment.

Relapse Prevention Plan

Throughout the addiction treatment process, individuals are familiarized with various relapse prevention plans to help them stay sober. Having such a plan increases your chances of staying sober, as this plan helps you highlight various triggers for drug use, coping skills that may help conquer the urge to relapse, and various individuals you can reach out to for help with your addiction or relapse.

By sticking to such a plan, your chances of staying sober will increase because you will know how to deal with various triggers that cause your drug use. It also helps you develop ideal coping mechanisms to resist your urge to use drugs again. Regularly referring to this plan helps you make necessary adjustments with time, which helps you update it according to your current life experience.

Your chances of staying sober after treatment are high, but only after you take the necessary steps to engage in activities that promote healthy and sober living. However, by resorting to your old life, friends and environment, your chances of staying sober may reduce due to all predisposing factors being directly around you. Visit our sober living home in Ohio to begin your recovery journey. Call us at 833-285-1315.

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