What are Sober Living Homes?

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Dealing with addiction is hectic. It may reach a point whereby you may decide to seek the services of a rehabilitation center. Although rehabilitation centers work, you can also choose to join a sober living home to avoid relapsing. Let’s delve further into all you need to know about sober living homes.

What is a Sober Living Home?

A sober living house is a drug and alcohol free environment where the residents can maintain sobriety after battling addiction for long. In a sober living home, you’ll receive peer support. Also, there is peer empowerment and proven recovery principles. The residents of a sober living home can easily maintain sobriety while preparing themselves to live independently. In general, a sober living home is a home that is privately owned and is meant for individuals who are recovering from alcohol and drug addiction.

The houses are normally located in peaceful and quiet neighborhoods where the members can easily focus on their recovery and growth journey. In the recovery house model, the residents receive and also offer support to their peers and the leaders in the community. Research has also showcased that communal living is effective in decreasing substance abuse, and it also helps to increase the employment rate. In a sober living home, you can easily hone coping skills and learn how to trust yourself and communicate effectively.

Why Should You Choose a Sober Living Home?

Some people easily confuse a sober living home with a rehabilitation center. A rehab center usually offers recovery programs that are intensive, and they’re meant to help people to overcome their addictions while adhering to strict rules and regulations. On the other hand, a sober living home isn’t as strict. The sober living homes usually offer the residents a certain level of freedom to come and go as they please. Such a home acts as a bridge between preparing addicts to live independently without abusing alcohol and drugs and rehabilitation.

You can join a sober living home even if you haven’t undergone rehabilitation. However, it is advisable to first check into a rehabilitation center for a better success rate since it has the tools needed to ensure you can quit alcohol and drugs for good. You’re supposed to take on numerous responsibilities in a sober living home compared to a rehab center. For instance, you’re supposed to pay rent while also ensuring you have a steady job. You also need to contribute to the community by handling chores and taking responsibility for your actions. Also, you’re supposed to adhere to the house rules that have been put in place.

Rules and Regulations in Sober Living Homes

The main rule in a sober living home is always to stay sober. If you use alcohol and drugs while in a sober living home, you have violated the major rule of the home, and you can be requested to leave. Nonetheless, if you admit you relapsed and are honest about it, you can be given a second chance. But first, you might be suspended for some time before you’re granted access to the sober living home again. Upon your return, you should be willing to stay clean and sober genuinely. As a resident of a sober living home, you must:

  • Abide by the curfew set in the home
  • Abstain from alcohol and drug use
  • Receive and give emotional support
  • Respect the staff and housemates
  • Some homes don’t allow pets
  • Participate in activities such as chores and support meetings
  • Sleep at the sober living home at least five times weekly
  • Avoid having overnight guests
  • Cover various expenses while at the home
  • Agree to random drug tests

Some homes can restrict internet and cell phone access since they can act as triggers that lead to a relapse.

How to Choose a Good Sober Living Home

To combat drug and alcohol addiction effectively, you should join a sober living home that can effectively support your recovery journey. Considering there are numerous sober living homes in Ohio, how do you choose the right home based on your needs? As you look for a sober living home, you should choose one that is safe and has reputable staff. Also, the culture and living environment should be productive. If you’re an addict and you’re ready to begin your recovery journey and you’re based in Ohio, feel free to reach out to our sober living home and our staff will accord you the assistance you need. Contact us today via 833-285-1315.

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