What is a Spiritual Awakening?

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They may sound like the stuff of fantasy, but spiritual awakenings are a real and powerful phenomenon. Spirituality can enrich your life, change how you approach the world, and help to resolve past issues. It’s not always easy to find, but anyone can seek out this tool to improve their life. What is a spiritual awakening really? How do people discover themselves? And can spirituality play a role in addiction recovery? Keep reading to learn more.

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

The concept of a spiritual awakening is sometimes surrounded by mystical tones and an air of secrecy. But at its core, awakening is a profound shift in human perspective. You won’t emerge a different person, but one capable of lasting change. Spiritual awakenings often, but not always, begin with a ‘shock’ event. In a moment of sudden clarity, a person glimpses their place in the larger world, without the filter of ego. This is usually accompanied by a feeling of connection to a higher power, either religious or secular. In other cases, awakening is more gradual. And even after an awakening moment, there’s still work to be done. It takes time to make sense of spirituality and integrate it into your life. You might feel lost and confused along the way. Those who stick with it, however, enjoy many benefits.

What are the Benefits of a Spiritual Awakening?

It’s important to note that people who undergo spiritual awakenings still face normal roadblocks and frustrations. There is no perfect solution to anyone’s problems. Instead, awakening makes it easier to face and address life’s difficulties.

While every awakening is different, most people who experience it report the following benefits:

  • A sense of calmness and presence in the world
  • Greater compassion for yourself and others
  • The ability to change habits for the better
  • More fulfilment and meaning in life

Awakening requires you to let go of the baggage that can follow people from childhood. It allows you to approach the world with a fresh perspective. In acknowledging a higher power, patients are better able to both forgive themselves for past failures and take control of their future.

Can Spiritual Awakening Help With Recovery?

By now, you may see why spirituality is a central theme of most addiction recovery programs. While awakening won’t cure addiction alone, it promotes self-awareness, discipline, and an uncluttered mind. Addiction of any kind takes its toll on the human mind and spirit. When you enter a recovery program, cleansing your system of harmful substances is only one piece of the puzzle.

You will only heal when your mental and physical states are in harmony. So much of rehabilitation revolves around letting go of old habits to form healthier patterns of behavior. In the wake of drug and alcohol abuse, patients commonly face feelings of meaninglessness and despair. Spirituality helps to fill this void and form a new foundation for life.

Many patients undergo a spiritual awakening while in recovery. Stress, new environments, and the previously mentioned sense of loss combine to have a powerful effect on the soul. The 12 Steps, in fact, are designed to trigger a spiritual awakening in patients. While in recovery, you should be encouraged to explore past traumas, forgive yourself, engage in creative hobbies, and spend time in the moment. All of these activities promote spiritual growth.

How can Patients Spiritually Awaken?

There is no one-size-fits-all method when it comes to spiritual awakening. Instead, the path must be tailored to every individual from start to finish. Some turn to religious worship for guidance, while others find it through secular meditation and philosophy. Either way, it helps to have an experienced counselor to guide and encourage you. Addiction counselors can walk you through the recovery process while offering spiritual advice and support. If you are ready to begin the recovery process or seeking answers, don’t hesitate to call us at 833-285-1315.

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