What Should I Make Sure To Do In Order To Get Accepted Into A Sober Living?

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A sober living home, often known as a transitional living arrangement, is a place for recovering addicts to live while they make the transition back to normal life. A sober living facility offers support and safety for anyone recovering from alcohol or drug abuse. It is a substance-free environment that keeps residents safe while helping them navigate the different responsibilities the real world offers.

If you are considering a bed in a sober living home, you’ll first have to understand how the business works. There are certain steps to take to make sure you get accepted into a sober living facility, and every home has rules you must follow while you are there. Let’s look at what you will need to do to be accepted.

Successfully Complete Detox

The number one rule in all sober living homes is that you must be clean and sober to live there. So if you wish to be accepted, you’ll want to show them that you have recently completed a detox program. It’s easy enough to prove, as many detox centers even help their patients find transitional housing after they have become sober. Simply ask for verification to secure your place in the home.

If you haven’t completed detox lately but are drug and alcohol-free, the facility will want to drug test you before accepting your application. It’s also important to know that the staff can and will randomly drug test all residents to make sure everyone stays clean. This includes random urinalysis to detect alcohol use.

Successfully Complete a Rehab Program

If you are in any kind of rehab program, whether inpatient or outpatient, this will help you secure a place in a sober living home. Your support team will help you find a home in your area, and they can also help you get a bed once you are through with the program. Some facilities partner with local transitional homes in the area to provide aftercare services to patients, as well. The staff of the home will be more likely to admit you if they see you have completed a rehab program. They will know that you are serious about your commitment to sobriety if you have been regularly attending a program.

Have Support at Home

Living in a sober living home will offer you the support of your peers. However, it is more important to have support from family, friends, and co-workers while you are there. You will be slowly transitioning back into your everyday lifestyle while you are a resident, and the staff will want to see that you have support on the outside to rely on at all times. It’s important to stay away from the triggers of life that typically contribute to your drug or alcohol use. You’ll need to make sure this is the case when you want to live in this type of home.

Have Access to Meetings

A big part of living in a sober living home is attending regular meetings. These can include group meetings in the house, outside meetings with a private therapist, 12-step meetings around town, and family therapy sessions. The staff in the home will want to see that you are actively working on your sobriety by attending at least a few meetings per week. It shows them that you are serious about your recovery efforts.

Have a Source of Income

Another big part of staying in a sober living home is keeping up with regular activities. These include working and paying bills. Remember, these homes are not free. You will need to contribute towards the cost of living in the house while you are a resident. You will need to have an approved job that allows you to pay rent. If you do not currently work but can still afford to pay rent, you will need to be active in your community. These types of activities can include regular volunteer work or attending school part or full-time. It’s very important to be financially responsible while you are a resident.

Be Prepared to Work Hard

This is your time to shine. As you continue on the sober path, it’s important to work hard to stay on it. When you want to stay in a sober living home, make sure you are ready to show what you are capable of. You’ll be required to work hard, attend meetings, keep your room clean, and contribute to various household chores.

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