Why Do People Think It’s Weird to be Sober?

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Does the thought of being sober at a social event make you squirm? After all, it’s pretty common to think you need some social lubricant to mix and mingle with ease. Many people think it’s weird to be sober, but you should also know that there are just as many others who think it’s perfectly normal. The only thing that really matters is your personal relationship with drugs and alcohol. If you think it feels odd to be sober at home or on social occasions, then it is possible that you’ve already developed a negative relationship with substance use. Feeling abnormal when you are not drinking or using drugs is a sign that you might already have a physical or psychological dependency that needs to be addressed.

Addiction isn’t always how it looks in the movies. You might not have hit rock bottom, but you could be on a potentially dangerous path if you feel weird when you aren’t using substances. To figure out if you might have a problem, you can ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you often have a drink or two before an event to prime yourself for having fun?
  • Do people mention that you act differently when you are sober?
  • Does the thought of attending an event sober make you feel anxious?
  • Have you started to use drugs or alcohol to feel normal even when you’re sitting at home?
  • Does feeling weird while sober extend to physical symptoms such as tremors or insomnia?
  • Do you fear losing your friends if you get sober?

Think About How Societal Norms Influence Substance Use

If any of those questions resonate with you, then you might feel worried or even guilty about using drugs or alcohol. While these are all signs that you could benefit from seeking treatment, you may find it reassuring to know that having an addiction is not your fault. One of the reasons why people think it is so strange to be sober is that society normalizes substance use in many situations. Think about how many times you’ve watched a movie that glorified college keg parties or showed people doing drugs in a humorous light. You might have even had people push drugs or alcohol on you at work, weddings and other social occasions. After all, Happy Hour is called that specifically to entice people to think that having a few drinks is how they should relax and socialize after a long day at work.

You can’t change society, but you can change your mindset. You don’t have to hit the bar to make friends, and there is never a good enough reason to use drugs to fit in. Instead, recognizing these influences can help you identify when they are affecting your ability to stay sober. They can also help you feel better in the face of peer pressure. Plenty of people never attend keg parties, and you can bet that you’ll notice people ordering virgin drinks if you pay attention. People who embrace sobriety are prevalent in sobriety. Going to rehab can help you find them.

Learn About How Addiction Changes the Brain

If you’ve started drinking or using drugs, then knowing how this is changing your brain can help you understand why you feel weird sober. Alcohol, opiates and other drugs interact with pleasure centers in your brain. When you use these substances, they send reward signals that release special hormones in your brain that flood your senses. That high or giddy feeling you experience is short-lived, but it can start to feel normal if you give it enough time. At first, withdrawing from substances does feel weird, but it is a normal part of the process. Eventually, your brain can relearn how to release feel-good hormones at the appropriate times without a false chemical reaction.

Explore Your Personal Feelings About Sobriety

Over the years, you’ve developed thoughts about sobriety that come from within yourself. Did you grow up watching your parents use drugs or alcohol regularly? If so, then you may have an inner drive to use substances to cope when you feel discomfort. Learning how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable is something that happens in rehab. You’ll also learn how to have fun while you are sober. In the beginning, it might feel weird to play a sports game with a bunch of strangers sober, or you might not be able to imaging enjoying a birthday without alcohol. These types of experiences get easier over time, and having the support of others who embrace sobriety makes it all feel less weird.

Do you want to feel normal again without having to use drugs or alcohol? Reach out to our team of counselors today to get in touch with people who can help you stop feeling anxious about how your friends and family will view you getting sober. Give us a call at 833-285-1315.

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