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Sober living facilities are designed for people who want to overcome alcoholism, drug addiction, and other addictions affecting their lives. Some sober living facilities provide detox services as part of their rehabilitation process (though some do not), while others offer maintenance services like relapse prevention. The length of stay at a sober living facility can range from a few days to up to two years, depending on the following factors: people staying in a sober living facility should be prepared because alcohol will still be present in the community, and people may still choose to drink recreationally. Sober living facilities also vary widely in terms of whether pets are allowed or not.

The nature or severity of the addiction problem

This includes how far away the individual is from a sober living facility, their level of motivation, and their background or educational experience that may influence their ability to stay in treatment. For instance, if a person is unemployed and has no family or friends, they may be more motivated to continue treatment. If a person has tried other treatment facilities and cannot follow through with their recovery, they are less likely to succeed in a sober living facility. Lastly, some people never have the desire or motivation to stop drinking or drugging because of certain life circumstances, including financial hardship or mental health issues.

Time required for various treatments (detox, medical care, counseling)

The nature and readiness of the individual entering a sober living facility. For example, some people may need to make more progress before moving into such a facility. Others may be ready to move right into a sober living facility. For example, if a person agrees to a shorter period of sobriety from the facility, they can leave independently. If they fail to meet their treatment goals and agree to longer-term sobriety, they may be able to stay at the facility indefinitely.

The extent of the individual’s resources needed for recovery

Living in a sober living facility can be extremely expensive depending on factors, including whether or not there are any meal plans offered. This can be especially challenging for people who have limited income or have to take care of minor children. For instance, if an individual has to find a job that pays well while in recovery, they may not have the money to pay for the program. Some sober living facilities offer reduced rates and flexible payment plans based on income and length of stay.

The needs and wishes of the individuals

Some people remain in their sober living facility once they have completed treatment. Others want to continue living in the facility for a short time after completing their treatment. Other people choose to leave their sober living facility to live in the community with friends or family that supports their sobriety. Whether or not people stay at a sober living facility depends on their ability to adjust, motivation, perseverance, and personal beliefs. A person’s ability to adjust may be influenced by the type of program they are entering.

The general stability of the individual’s life situation

Staying in a sober living facility is often not an appealing option for someone with a long-term history of relapsing into alcohol or other drug abuse, such as a person with a history of arrest for alcohol and drug abuse or chronic mental illness. Such a person may prefer to stay at home and place their sobriety in the hands of family or friends.

The individual’s recovery status (stable, active, or unstable)

Typically, an unstable person with a long history of addiction is less likely to have success in a sober living facility. This is because recovery is an ongoing process, and stability is achieved over time as the addicted person learns more about the value of sobriety and the harm alcohol and other drugs bring to their lives. A person active in their recovery may have more luck in a sober living facility, especially if they have a stable support system.

The individual’s interests and activities

Someone who enjoys their activities at the sober living facility is more likely to stay there than someone who does not enjoy their time at the facility. For instance, if people enjoy the support they get from other people at the facility, they are more likely to continue living there. People unhappy with their sobriety program may feel more comfortable living in their homes or with friends and family. Are you ready to take the next step? Finally, finish the recovery you started at sober living facility? We are here for you. Call us today at 833-285-1315 for more information on how to reach your goal of a sober lifestyle.

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