What Is a Sober Living Program?

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Now that you’ve completed your rehabilitation process and the substances are no longer in your system, it’s time to build the foundational routines and lifestyle habits that will help you remain sober for years to come. However, the process of fighting addiction is not as easy as it sounds; once an individual re-enters their old lifestyle, cravings and self-destructive behaviors reemerge in the blink of an eye. To counteract this problem, medical professionals and substance-abuse counselors develop sober-living programs to help patients fight their addictions one day at a time. For individuals embarking on the journey towards a drug- and alcohol-free existence, here’s how sober living programs help patients achieve their goals.

Controlled Freedom

The core component that differentiates sober living from a traditional rehabilitation facility is the subtle freedom it offers patients. Within the confinements of rehab, visitors are monitored thoroughly around the clock. However, sober living patients have additional privileges that provide them with a heightened sense of normality. That does not mean, however, that there aren’t requirements for patients who use sober-living programs. Located below are a handful of the stipulations and guidelines that a program expects patients to uphold:

  • Zero tolerance for drugs or alcohol on the property.
  • Inhabitants have chores and duties to perform.
  • Visitors cannot stay overnight or randomly visit without scheduling.
  • Each patient receives randomized drug testing.
  • Individuals must adhere to a curfew and notify the staff of their whereabouts.

While these stipulations seem restrictive, they provide each patient with the sobriety and clear-minded focus they need to lead productive lives.

Skill Acqusition and Routine

If there’s one thing that patients who succeed with a sober living program love, it’s the skills they acquire during their stay. Rather than coasting through life and hoping for the best, visitors work with counselors and addiction specialists to build themselves from the group up. More importantly, each inhabitant of the program follows a regimen geared toward longevity and success. From maintaining a schedule to actively engaging with healthy routines and actions, each individual gains insight into life without drugs and alcohol.

Family-Style Comradery

After leaving a sober living program, many individuals exclaim how it felt as if they belonged to a familial unit during their visit. The key to long-term sobriety is tackling each day at a time, putting one foot in front of another. However, this process becomes overwhelming when an individual tackles their cravings by themselves. The beauty of a sober living program is that inhabitants have access to medical professionals and therapists in the blink of an eye. Moreover, visitors confide in roommates and friends living within the space going through similar hardships.

Reduce the Chance of a Relapse with the Correct Support System

Perhaps the most critical aspect of utilizing a sober living program is the support system that makes relapsing a rarity. When individuals are surrounded by friends and professionals who uphold a sober lifestyle, it inspires the patient and reminds them of their goal. More importantly, it gives former addicts the environment they need to strive and thrive after checking out of the facility. More importantly, the tools and mindset change that each patient experiences during their stay help them transition back into their old lifestyle.

Imagine a world where drugs and alcohol no longer control your mind, and you actively look forward to improving your life in small incremental ways. By following the tenets of a sober living program, former addicts gain control over their lives and their behaviors. As illustrated, sober living programs save lives and helps people rebuild themselves from the ground up. Whether you’re actively looking for an additional step to conquer your bad habits or you’re the loved one of someone exiting a rehabilitation facility for the first time, sober living is the right option. If you’re ready to regain normality in your life and keep your cravings at bay, let us help you find the sober living program that caters to your unique circumstances. Contact us today at 833-285-1315.

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