What Kind Of Jobs Are Best For a Newly Sober Person?

The first thing you think of once you are out of rehab is how to get your life together. This includes getting a career to help you cater for your responsibilities. Getting a job helps with your sobriety journey as you focus all your time and energy on it. When looking for a job, one of the major concerns is whether you’ll get an opportunity due to your history. You need to know that the Americans with Disabilities Act forbids discrimination against individuals of substance abuse. It would also be best to understand that finding a job is challenging for everyone, not only recovering persons. When looking for a job, here are the things you first have to focus on.

Elements to Consider When Looking for a Job

If you had a career before being admitted to rehab, it would help if you went back to it. However, this is only a viable option if your workplace does not expose you to drugs and alcohol abuse, resulting in significant setbacks. Note that as a newly sober person, many things and routines in your life will change. Therefore, if your work environment is friendly, get back to it to avoid many changes at once. What is more, it will be much easier to adapt. If you did not have a steady career before joining a rehab, you could also find one to suit you. When choosing a job, you first need to be aware of what is expected from you. Choosing a career that can meet all the expectations gives you the sense of fulfilment and confidence you need. It is also necessary to check that there are routine tasks. Through this, you are aware of what you need to have done in the day. This said, here are the jobs that suit you best in your recovery journey.

A Recovery-Related Career

What stands out for this career line is that you get to help those struggling with addiction and help in your sobriety journey. Being one that has been on the addiction path before, you have a vast knowledge of what the addicts are going through. Moreover, through experience, you have a chance of giving them reliable advice. The addicts admitted in the rehab will also draw their strength and hope from you. By helping a number of the addicts recover, you get to have a sense of motivation and purpose in life. To be proficient in the recovery-related job you choose, going through training is essential. Among the jobs you can take on in this field include;

  • Recovery coach
  • Teacher
  • Therapists

Temp Work, Construction and Hotel Jobs

It could be that you do not have work experience in any field. In such a case, you can rely on a temp agency. The agency will help you find entry-level jobs depending on what your capability is. A positive aspect of temp jobs is working in several fields in different working conditions. As a result, through the various experiences, you get to identify a job that you can comfortably perform permanently. Another job opportunity you have as a newly sober person is to be part of a construction crew. Tasks involved include the building of commercial and residential buildings. This kind of duty will require you to be ready to endure all types of weather.

A positive factor of being part of a construction crew is that new opportunities come up regularly, giving you a chance to occupy a higher rank. Due to the hard work needed for this kind of job, the amount paid is equally satisfying. If working under intense weather conditions can be challenging for you, hotel work is also an option. You are sure to find a job as there are many restaurants in need of workers. Some restaurants do not sell alcohol, and those ought to be your first option. If you had a job before being admitted to rehab to set the ball rolling, a wise move would be to get back to it.

However, if the position has an environment that will lead to drug and alcohol intake, look for another option. It would be right to seek advice from your recovery coach on what job opportunities are ideal. Always ensure that the job you choose gives you time to go for your recovery appointments. Are you ready to get assistance to help you make a positive step? If yes, feel free to contact us via 833-285-1315. Our professionals are always available to offer you guidance and support.